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New Grrl In Town

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd introduce myself - I'm Sian, I'm 20 and I've always dabbled in painting, drawing, photography, writing, scrapbooking and music. I'm currently studying Art History at UCL in London so I haven't had a lot of time to work on my projects, but I'm currently in the process of making a paper bag book and a sculpture of a meerkat.

I've always admired really radical styles of representation and one of my favourite artists is Egon Schiele, however despite my admiration I've never been able to incorporate it into my own works. My style of drawing/painting is very traditional and realistic and over the years I've come to specialise in portraiture. I received a few commissions last year but those days seem to have disappeared for now.

Also, I've always wanted to get into textiles - I really admire people who customize their own clothes and accessories but don't feel like I have the imagination to do it myself! Who knows, maybe one day I'll find the inspiration and get that kick up the bum that I badly need!

I'm looking forward to getting involved with this community and meeting everyone here!
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