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new kid

when you join please answer the following questions in your first entry

1. introduce yourself! are you an artist? why type: writer, painter, comic artist, zinester, graphic, fine arts..poetry??? or is this the first time your considering art?

i'm sadie, i think anyone can be an artist if you're passionate and inspired and i think that's really great.. i like to write, paint, write short weird kooky bursts of poetry (if you can call it that) and,play around on various instruments.

2. what is the type of art you've always wanted to make?

a zine, it's so creative and real and looks like a lot of fun.

3. what kept you from doing it?

laziness and lack of resources, but i'm starting to work up the inspiration so who knows...

4. what do you feel your strengths are. (don't worry about feeling like you have an ego. our culture tells us that thinking and feeling good about ourselves is wrong. we are encouraged to feel bad and need to be "fixed" by consuming products. long story short: don't feel bad about about saying positive things about yourself!)

i think i'm a fairly strong writer and am able to depict things accurately or make them as blurry as i want. i have the power to evoke emotion in my audience and i think writing is so important because it connects us all to the human condition and reminds us that we aren't so different from each other.

thanks for having me :)

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