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first post!

when you join please answer the following questions in your first entry

1. introduce yourself! are you an artist? what type:
I'm Caroline, I've just returned to LJ after a long period of hibernation. want to get involved in more groups, particularly art groups. This one seemed like a good place to start :-D. I mostly paint and draw, especially pop art. I also love to make jewelry, write reviews and collage

2. what is the type of art you've always wanted to make?
animation. I wish I had the patience! I always wanted to take up sculpting and pottery also

3. what kept you from doing it?
like I said, lack of patience and complete laziness. As far as sculpting goes, outside of polymer here and there, I never really had access to the proper equipment, money is always any issue. Perhaps I'll take a class one day.

4. what do you feel your strengths are. (don't worry about feeling like you have an ego. our culture tells us that thinking and feeling good about ourselves is wrong. we are encouraged to feel bad and need to be "fixed" by consuming products. long story short: don't feel about about saying positive things about yourself!)

definitely painting and drawing, I can do both effortlessly.

Glad to be here!
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