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Join the [★] Art Riot[★]

no elitist crap here..

[★] art riot [★] Community
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title or description
Welcome to the Art Riot community! I am the artdumbstruck feministy rioty grrrlie jethrablack.My goal is to create a safe space for all people who have felt they are non artisitic or were just to afraid to follow there passions but have longed to create art. Maybe you already feel like your a great poet but want to start making films? maybe your a fine artist who doesn't feel they have a way with words? People who have had a passion to paint, photograph, write, sculpture, make film, but felt they were not worthy or it wasn't "for them" Art Riot is for you. For all of us to post, even what we feel may be the WORST ART EVER: post your screenplays, stories, photos of your work, share who you are through your art. All members must be supportive all our efforts and the intense thought and work behind everything we do, even if it doesn't always look polished and pretty. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for rudeness..if you dare say anything mean or itimidate another member you are not in the spirit of Riot Art and you will no longer have access to this community. The world of art is filled with elitism and until we can start from the ground and work our way up together, helping each of our friends indulge in the desire to create, nobody is going to feel comfortable. This is a place to be and do what you always wanted..free of judgement! full of encouragement!

feel free to post our banner!


when you join please answer the following questions in your first entry

1. introduce yourself! are you an artist? why type: writer, painter, comic artist, zinester, graphic, fine arts..poetry??? or is this the first time your considering art?

2. what is the type of art you've always wanted to make?

3. what kept you from doing it?

4. what do you feel your strengths are. (don't worry about feeling like you have an ego. our culture tells us that thinking and feeling good about ourselves is wrong. we are encouraged to feel bad and need to be "fixed" by consuming products. long story short: don't feel about about saying positive things about yourself!)

*** When you post please be SURE TO MARK WETHER OR NOT YOU WANT CRITIQUE. You have the option!***

Some Ideas to Help You Give Good Critique
☆start off with the positive
☆what feelings did this peice bring up for you
☆think about the title of the peice... how does it effect/tie into the whole?
☆sometimes if you get really stuck, it's helpful to pick one aspect of the peice to focus on. maybe a sentence that grabs you or a certain small part of a photograph or drawing/painting/collage. don't be afraid to break it down into small peices for critique.
☆what do you find to be unique about the artists peice? does it remind you of someone else's work?

☆☆☆☆************* COMMUNITY ettiquette! **************☆☆☆☆
*make sure you respond/critique others work when you get critique. it's nice to return the favor.

*please put entries longer then two paragraphs BEHIND AN LJ CUT... ALL POEMS BEHIND LJ CUT unless they are super short! if you do not know how to do an Lj cut then here is your lesson: http://www.livejournal.com/support/faqbrowse.bml?faqid=75 *OR*

Whatever you're posting

if you still are not sure how to do it, ask me: cutnpastedme@gmail.com or another livejournal member...

*some people have asked me "how do i know if this is art"? I would say, think about how you feel about it, what work went into it, what it means to you.. and what you would think if someone else showed you something like it.. if you feel its appropriate then go for it!

* and of course, RESPECT your fellow Art Riot members! A lot of thought and work goes into each piece and a lot of time people get nervous to share there work. Sometimes it really takes a lot of courage to share with all of you. so treat everyone the way you would like to be treated...unless you like to be treated naughty...then that rule dont apply to you=) OVER ALL: BE RESPECTFUL! No NEGATIVE *ism's allowed either!

*DO NOT post ad's for communities without emailing me for permission first! cutnpastedme@gmail.com OTHERWISE YR POST WILL BE DELETED!

...............Community ABUSE INFO..........................
if you are being harassed or see a post/comment that is
not appropriate then PLEASE report it to: cutnpastedme@gmail.com
also, don't forget, you can report users to LJ:

"Paradoxically though it may seem, it is none the less true that life imitates art far more than art imitates life."
-- Oscar Wilde

Stay Tuned: The Art Riot Manifesto is Coming...